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Why do you need end of tenancy cleaning in London?

by John Saunders
13th Jun 19 8:22 am

As a landlord, one of the worst things that you can find is a property you own in poor condition. When a tenant moves out, though, they might not have done the best job of maintaining the place. This might mean investing in a little end of tenancy cleaning assistance, relying on professional cleaning companies with experience such as Keen Clean.

You could do it yourself, but there are many useful benefits to having someone else do it for you. Let’s take a look at why, as a busy landlord, you likely don’t have time to carry out end of tenancy cleaning. Let’s also look at why you shouldn’t have to!

Why should I hire end of tenancy cleaning in London?

  • Save money on cleaning tools. When you hire a cleaning agency, they bring all of the cleaning tools and utensils that you don’t have. The cost of a good end of tenancy cleaning probably wouldn’t even match-up to the cost of buying all the cleaning equipment needed!
  • Save yourself valuable time. Time is money, and time you spend cleaning toilet bowls and handling dirty properties is time you could be spending making more money. Why not invest a little into hiring someone to do the cleaning for you, so that you can do what you do best?
  • Avoid friction with tenants. When a new tenant wants to move in, they expect the place to be liveable. This stops you having to cut deals with tenants as the place was not up-to-scratch: something just about every landlord will have dealt with and would rather avoid in future.
  • Improve your reputation. First impressions count, and when a new tenant starts finding dirty little secrets all over their new property, they won’t be shy in demanding you solve it. Instead of allowing such a faux pas to happen, why not improve your reputation and act ahead of time?
  • Get yourself a new property valuation. Another thing that you can do with end of tenancy cleaning is make sure that problems don’t fester for too long. This allows your property to retain a high value on the marketplace, meaning more money for you.
  • Avoids expensive repairs. When someone is in dealing with the clean-up, their attention to detail ensures that the cleaning job will catch any problems that could become a minor catastrophe. Keep that in mind; you can cut down on repair costs by being proactive.

Want to find a cleaner that you can trust?

So, as you can see, getting in someone to deal with end of tenancy cleaning is very much a good idea. Who, though, should you call?

If you want quality, experience, and reliability, you should pick up the phone and give SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning a call. They are a leading agency who can help you to make sure that you get a lot more assistance with improving the quality of your properties prior to renting them back out to someone else.

When the end of a tenancy has arrived, you cannot just presume your property is in a movable condition. Hire end of tenancy cleaning services, though, and that problem soon becomes something for other landlords to worry about!

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