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What are brick slips? Installation and cost guide

by John Saunders
18th Apr 19 10:04 am

Are you interested in finding a quicker solution for a new home cladding? Do you plan to upgrade your home’s exterior, but worried about the overall cost? Well, worry no more – brick slips can be the solution you are looking for.

You have definitely heard about brick slips for fireplaces, but have you actually considered using them? By essence, brick slips are meant to replicate the look common in conventional bricks. But unlike the latter, they are more than capable of providing you with an array of styles and colours. As such, you can these brick slip tiles easy to fit in any contemporary and/or conventional projects.

Let’s take a look at what bricks slips are and how they actually work. Here is everything about it in a nutshell:

How are the bricks slips made?

Brick slip basically offers a slither of material, which constitutes its existence. This material, in particular, is usually manufactured in one or two ways. For starters, a conventional brick is going to undergo a simplified modification process. This one right here can provide cost-effectively; hence, it is gaining popularity among homeowners.

The second process in the manufacturing phase involves the use of extruded clay, which is run down the production line. However, they are wire-cut in order to achieve slimline profiles prior to being kiln-fired for the final phase. This type is also known as “preformed” slips.

Interestingly, brick slips are now being made available through the use of natural stone facing tiles. They are, by essence, split directly from genuine stone in order to achieve a much constant character. But if you are keen on finding a cost-effective alternative, your best course of action is to go for reconstituted brick slips.

Is it worth installing brick slips?

Moreover, manufacturers tend to saw brick slips right from the face of standard clay bricks. This process right here is dubbed a “traditional” option, one that can actually result in “real brick” slips. If you are interested in bespoke units, which have become popular these days, you will really find this method pleasing.

For instance, you want a cladding that requires thickness to be varied. The said method can be an ideal option to choose from. But perhaps the only issue you will have is to pay significantly more, although it will be a worthwhile investment. This is simply due to the fact that these slips need to be designed in a way that they can achieve the look of masonry. And keep in mind that the manufacturing process must be successful in matching the conventional metric dimensions of bricks. Interestingly, there are suppliers that are more than willing to cater to special-order requests.

How is the installation of brick slips?

The normal process involves the idea of supplying them as individual units. From there, they must be fitted accordingly to a backing board. As you may have noticed, the process is quite similar to tiling. For instance, horizontal lines must be set out in order to support positioning. Only from there will you be able to apply a special adhesive, so you can place all slips in place.

Although it totally depends on the system, you might find the need to manually gauge the mortar lines alongside spacer units. An alternative method you can deploy, however, is contouring the backing board. There are cases that you will find the need to use wet-brushing in the already existing adhesive. But as far as most systems are concerned, it is imperative for a fresh application to be made.  A perfect example of this process is when you are faced with a profiled mounting system.

If you can, try to buy some cladding panels that are already decked out with the much-needed brick finish. You will also appreciate the fact that interlocking prefabricated boards can be bought as well, giving you better accuracy when it comes to alignment.

How much does brick slips installation costs?

You may learn that prices for brick slips UK tend to start from about £18 per m2, but keep in mind that this is on a supply-only basis. But when talking about the exact brick cost, you have to consider the type of bricks. Keep in mind that handmade or specialist ones are likely to be heavier in price.

Well, there you have it – you now have an idea or two about what brick slips are. You will notice how easy they can be in the pocket, although you really have to shell out in order to achieve the needs of a project. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that brick slips are a worthwhile investment.

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