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Welcome home! Posh and David Beckham to move back to London

10th Jan 13 12:00 am

Posh and Becks looking for new London Beckingham Palace

If you’re a regular reader of gossip columns, you may have heard already – but if you’re made out of more diligent, business-loving stock like LondonlovesBusiness.com you may well still be in the dark that a paparazzi frenzy of Biblical proportions is heading to an era near you!

David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and baby Harper, are moving back to London.

While David Beckham, who is ending his time at LA Galaxy football team, is still in talks with various European and Chinese clubs, the brood seems to be making London their official home.

Victoria has already been seen viewing properties in Clapham, Mayfair and Kensington but speculations continue to be rife about where exactly they will set up shop.

Vicinity to schools is known to be the top priority for the Beckpack making Kensington an obvious choice because of its easy access to the prestigious St. Pauls School in Hammersmith and the Westminster School.

Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham is the new fresh face of iconic British brand Burberry

Marie Claire claims that despite the Beckham’s cumulative fortune of oh hundreds-of-millions of pounds, the two will not be buying but will rather be renting a home – apparently to ensure they put the private education of their kids first.

Considering that the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer and her hubby splashed out £250k on a Christmas holiday though, our guess is that, the rental plan will be a quasi-permanent solution at best.

Beckingham Palace, LA edition

The Beckhams’ LA home

For now though all eyes are on where – not how long for – the Beckhams will settle and Mayfair and The Royal Borough, are considered favourites. Queen Vic was recently seen eyeing up a £32m home in Kensington, putting her in spitting distance of genuine British royalty, with Prince Harry as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge close by.

Since 1999, the power couple have owned their own estate, dubbed Beckingham Palace, by the media. The 24-acre Hertfordshire mansion famously sold for £2.5m, but was then subsequently given a £3m facelift to make it fit for the ruling monarchs of Brit girl power and football.

Beckingham Palace

Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire

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