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Want a good view of London from panoramic hotspots? No need to spend a bomb

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4th Oct 16 10:01 am

London Hacks: the city’s best value views

Soaring views don’t need to come with a high price tag, research from the Tune Hotels group has revealed.

Topping the list for great value views is the Walkie Talkie’s Sky Garden, North London’s famed Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill, as well as the newly opened 10th floor of the Tate Modern. These scenic views are yours for a grand total of 0p per metre – astounding value in a city famed for its expense.

The research focuses on buildings accessible to the public, including parks, restaurants and London landmarks. Tune Hotels has calculated the most cost-effective views by dividing the height you can access by the price to get to this point.

It may come as a surprise that if you’re paying for a view, the most budget-friendly option is the 90m high Emirates Air Line across the Thames, which costs just 5p per metre – and can even be paid for on an Oyster card. If you have a little more energy, climbing 62 metres (or 311 steps) to the top of Monument is similarly great value – and again, just 5p per metre.

Coq de l’Argent, renowned for its rooftop views, costs a vertigo-inducing 94p per metre, whilst Southbank’s OXO Tower is 30p. For a stratospheric experience that’s still budget-friendly, Heron Tower’s Duck and Waffle is a budget-friendly 9.5p per metre above ground. 

London Hacks: the city’s best value views

1.       Sky Garden, Walkie Talkie, 155metres, 0p/metre

2.       Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, 98m, 0p/m

3.       Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, 65m, 0p/m

4.       Tate Modern, 65m, 0p/m

5.       Emirates Air Line, 90m, 5p/m

6.       Monument, 62m, 5p/m

7.       Duck & Waffle, Heron Tower, 200m, 9.5p/m

8.       St Paul’s, 134m, 11p/m

9.       The Shard’s viewing platform, 243m, 12p/m

10.   London Eye, 135m, 14p/m

11.   Tower Bridge, 42m, 19p/m

12.   ArcelorMittal Orbit, 76m, 20p/m

13.   Up at the O2, 95m, 23p/m

14.   OXO Tower, 67m, 30p/m

15.   Coq de L’argent, 24.4m, 94p/m

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