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Top tips to give your home an autumn refresh

by LLP Reporter
4th Sep 19 2:18 pm

Traditionally, Spring is the season to give your home a much needed refresh and time to complete all the jobs left over from the winter.

However, there are many essential jobs that can be done come Autumn to prepare you home for the cooler months. That’s why Hoppy.co.uk have decided to share some top tips on how to refresh your home and help to save you money as the nights get colder.

Seal the windows and doors

Checking all your windows and doors for even the tiniest cracks can not only keep your house warm but save you money on your energy bills. Look at every door and window and simply use Polyfilla to cover those cracks and limit any areas where heat can escape your home. Investing in thick curtains can also help keep your home warm. The curtains act as a barrier that prevents the heat escaping out the window helping to keep your home warm whilst also saving you money. Making sure that all the heat is trapped in your house can be relatively low cost and effort and can have a positive effect on your energy bills.

Freshen up your home

A lick of paint will not only give your home a refresh before the arrival of Autumn but a change in colour scheme may also be able to save on your energy bills! While cooler shades like magnolia and pale grey are perfect for creating a cool living space in the summer months, decorating your home with darker tones will absorb the heat in your home, resulting in a warmer space.

Choice of lighting can also have a vast impact on the look and feel of a room. Not only can your choice of lighting effect the aesthetic of a room but the bulbs you choose can also have a huge impact on your energy bills too. Simply changing the bulbs in your home to LED bulbs, can save households on average £7 a year on energy usage and the bulbs can last for two whole decades, saving the additional cost of rebuying.

Clear out those gutters

Forgetting to unblock drains and guttering can leave your home in danger of suffering water damage which can be a costly repair.

Insulate your pipes

Having exposed pipes through your house may be costing you money as the heat escaping is simply lost in your home. By wrapping some insulating foam tubes around your pipes, the heat will be contained to the pipes resulted in less heat wasted. Another benefit of insulation is its ability to stop pipes from freezing and avoiding another costly repair come winter

Time your heating

If you are away from the house during the day make sure you can put a timer on your heater and set for the heating to come one hour before you wake up and one hour before you return home. This will ensure your home is warm during the busiest times but also helps to keep your energy costs down.

Swap and shop

Before the colder months draw in, take a look at your gas, electricity and water contracts – all utilities that surge in use during winter months, to see if you could be paying less. Use online home management tools such as Hoppy.co.uk to compare all publicly available energy deals to provide you with the best deal for your household.

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