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Top 10 real estate questions for 2019

by LLP Reporter
14th Dec 18 8:33 am

UBS Asset Management – Real Estate & Private Markets’ December 2018 Research Blast  looks at the top 10 real estate questions for 2019.

This research tackles some of the most relevant questions for real estate investors today, from investment trends and the impact of technology to market sentiment for the year ahead.  Please see below the questions UBS REPM addresses in this paper.

  1. Why should anyone invest in core real estate today?
  2. What can we learn from the spread between real estate and bond rates? What do we expect?
  3. How will political risk influence real estate investment decision-making?
  4. Will the industrial Bull Run finally come to an end?
  5. How will Asia’s outbound investment influence global capital flows?
  6. Have niche property types become the new normal?
  7. Will the Sharing Economy be an important source of occupational demand yet again?
  8. Is this the end of retail as we know it?
  9. How will a weaker operating environment affect the spread of ESG best practice?
  10. How will technology influence real estate values?

Keeping an eye on the latest trends is vital if you want to succeed in the real estate industry, regardless of whether you are an investor, agent or another type of stakeholder. This article from Follow Up Boss is a useful resource for those who want to learn about the biggest real estate trends for 2019.

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