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The great London skyscraper invasion: New towers will "harm" capital's skyline

by LLP Editor
5th Apr 16 9:09 am

Londoners don’t love skyscrapers, study finds

Londoners aren’t loving the skyscraper fiesta going on in the capital, according to new research.

A poll for Historic England pointed out that 48% Londoners think skyscrapers hurt London’s skyline while 34% say they have a positive impact.

There are over 430 towers in the pipeline for the capital. A total of 233 tall buildings in London have planning approval but are yet to start on site and a further 114 towers are either in planning or at pre-application stage.

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, said: “Londoners know how special their city is, and they know that the future of our capital hangs in the balance.

“Tall buildings can make an excellent contribution to city life if they are well-placed and well-designed. But in the wrong places, they can do serious harm.

“It matters when tall buildings spring up in the wrong places, overshadowing our crescents and squares, our playgrounds and palaces, canals and cathedrals.

“Today, Londoners have shown that they want to have more of a say over how London’s future skyline is developed. The millions of people who live and work in the city need to be better informed and more involved in the changes that are gathering pace.”

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Location of new London skyscrapers by borough

Location of skyscrapers in London

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