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The City tops list of easiest places to get planning permission

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18th Apr 18 2:54 pm

A recent survey reveals

A recent survey by home improvement experts at Everest reveals that 34% amount of people who have recently applied for planning permission, found the process to get started pretty tough.

32% waited at least three months before their application was approved and 25% of those denied, applied three or more times. However, is it really that hard to get the project started and what can you do to ensure your application gets accepted first-time round?

In the year ending September 2017, authorities received 476,300 planning applications across Britain of which 434,300 were approved. That’s a huge 88% of planning applications approved up from 82% in the last 10 years.

But where is the easiest to get planning permission and which location struggles the most?

Everest have gathered geographical data by DCLG to reveal the 10 areas most likely to accept or decline minor planning permissions (up to one hectare in size):

Number Reference area Percentage approved
1 City of London 99%
2 Wigan 98%
3 Exmoor National Park 97%
4 Copeland 97%
5 Hartlepool 96%
6 Rushmoor 96%
7 Plymouth 96%
8 Sefton 95%
9 Middlesbrough 95%
10 The Broads Authority 95%

Despite the fact that just 12% of planning applications were turned down in the last year, that’s still 33,000 people across England struggling to get their home improvement plans started. But why were they denied and how can you ensure you get yours approved first-time?

The recent survey by the home improvement experts reveals that overlooking/loss of privacy are the main grounds for denial.

A huge 42% said this was a struggle they faced with more than 1 in 3 (25%) experiencing unsupportive neighbours. However, other reasons for denial include overshadowing/causing loss of light (25%) or disruptions to parking (16%).

Despite this, 65% of participants said their neighbours accepted their home improvement plans proving community support still exists.

10 areas most likely to decline planning permission:

Number Reference area Percentage approved
1 Harrow 54%
2 Enfield 60%
3 Newham 61%
4 Havering 61%
5 Hillingdon 61%
6 Luton 62%
7 Redbridge 63%
8 Southend-on-Sea 63%
9 Kingston upon Thames 64%
10 Maldon 64%


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