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The 19 areas that have seen property prices rise more than 250 per cent since the turn of the century

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20th Jun 18 7:31 am

Study finds

Southend-on-Sea is the unheralded winner of the UK’s top property hotspot in the 21st Century (excluding London Boroughs) according to research carried out by online estate agents HouseSimple.com.

Average property prices have boomed 287.1 per cent in the Essex coastal town since the turn of the century. Home to the longest leisure pier in the world, Southend-on-Sea property prices have risen faster than in any town or city outside the Capital, since January 2000, according to Land Registry figures.

And Southend-on-Sea is not the only town in the East of England that has seen phenomenal price rises. Four-out-of-five of the biggest price growth areas outside London since January 2000, have been in the East. Cambridge (279.2 per cent), Luton (276.7 per cent) and Basildon (274.7 per cent) have all seen average property prices increase by more than 270 per cent.

If you include London boroughs in the research, Waltham Forest in East London, is the top performing area in the UK for property price growth, with average house prices rising 364.9 per cent since January 2000. However, HouseSimple wanted to look at how house prices had fared across the rest of the country, as London is often viewed as a stand-alone property market, not reflective of the UK as a whole.

HouseSimple.com identified 19 UK towns and cities that have seen average price growth of at least 250 per cent since January 2000. Only two of those towns – Salford and Sale – are in the north of England, and both are in Greater Manchester.

The following table shows the 19 towns and cities (excluding London) where average house prices have increased by at least 250 per cent since January 2000:

Town/City Region Avg house prices (£) Jan 2000 Avg house prices (£) Current % price increase
Southend-on-Sea East £71,879 £280,948 290.9
Bristol South West £71,973 £273,393 279.9
Cambridge East £118,216 £448,243 279.2
Luton East £63,634 £239,735 276.7
Basildon East £81,462 £305,217 274.7
Corby East Midlands £47,183 £174,675 270.2
Salford North West £42,271 £156,190 269.5
Hastings South East £54,418 £200,767 268.9
Leicester East Midlands £45,432 £167,518 268.7
Sale North West £76,351 £279,776 266.4
Brighton South East £97,612 £356,510 265.2
Lincoln East Midlands £42,281 £153,389 262.8
Exeter South West £72,116 £258,784 258.8
Milton Keynes South East £73,465 £262,188 256.9
Chelmsford East £95,857 £340,930 255.7
Norwich East £56,627 £201,161 255.2
Canterbury South East £83,493 £296,392 255.0
Slough South East £86,457 £306,759 254.8
Coventry West Midlands £52,539 £185,360 252.8

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