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Ten steps to a warm and welcoming entranceway

by LLP Reporter
2nd Jul 19 3:34 pm

Your entranceway is the first experience of your home guests will have. With it taking only 3.5 seconds to form an opinion, it’s likely that by the time they have reached the door and rung the bell, they will have already made their first impression based on what they see around them.

If you take pride in your home and want to ensure it shines in the best light possible, it’s really important to create a beautiful and inviting entranceway, that reflects your personality, to welcome guests, new and old, into your home.

The walk along your driveway, to the front door and through into the hallway will influence the first impressions formed, good or bad, and will set the tone for the rest of your home, so it’s vital to get it right.

Here are 10 steps to creating a warm and welcoming entranceway

1. Reserved parking

If visiting guests are likely to arrive by car, ensuring there is a parking space in close proximity to your home is your first opportunity to craft a warm welcome. If you’re lucky enough to have a driveway, this will probably be easier than if you have to navigate street parking. Rest assured, any efforts in reserving a parking spot ahead of their arrival will be appreciated.

2. Well-maintained garden

Your front garden, no matter how big or small, should be well looked after. If you have a front lawn, ensure it is freshly cut, and if potted plants feature, give them some TLC so they are looking healthy. A dreary, overgrown garden is unlikely to give a good impression, after all. To go one step further, give your entranceway a new lease of life by incorporating trending colours and in season blooms to complement the time of year; roses, tulips, daises and peonies all work well throughout the summer months.

3. Illuminated pathway

Outdoor lighting is recommended for security purposes, but it also helps to create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere to put visitors at ease. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be a costly addition to the electricity bills, as there are plenty of solar powered options. Consider lining the pathway with fairy lights for a magical feel, or to create a statement add an element of uplight around the base of the door.

4. Personalised door mat

Door mats once served only a functional purpose; to stop people trekking mud and dirt throughout your home. However, with the power to now personalise door mats with your own quirky messages, they can add a great deal of charm to your entryway.

5. Seasonally dressed front door

A potted plant either side of your front door goes a long way in drawing attention to the focal point of your home. If you have windows like sash windows from Quickslide in close proximity to your front door, consider dressing them from the inside; wooden hearts or rustic signs work well to add character and charm. In keeping with the seasons, update potted plants and any other accessories to impress. Add a bench and bright flowers for summer and replace these with leafy greens and a wreath for winter months.

6. Make a statement with your front door

Your front door is the opening to your home, and therefore plays an important part in first impressions. A front door doesn’t have to be coloured in a bold hue to make a statement, although often coloured doors do work well to boost the curb appeal. From chic greys to powerful reds, front doors are available in a wide variety of colours which can transform your home while also protecting your loved belongings.

7. Keep it tidy

Stepping through the front door, neither you nor your guests wish to be greeted with mess. Instead, choose clever furniture such as a storage bench or a shoe rack to help keep your entryway clutter free. If room is lacking, make the most of vertical space to accommodate functional and decorative items, such as coat hangers and photo frames.

8. Brighten the hallway

A bright entryway is one of the best ways to welcome guests into your home. If windows are few and far between, you needn’t splash out on installing new windows to achieve a bright look. Instead, flood your home with light with a spectacular mirror. Mirrors not only magnify light to brighten an area during the day and night, but they also reflect the beauty of the outdoors. When selecting a mirror to complement the entryway, consider the current style and décor in place and look for a suitable decorative design to build on this.

9. Breath of fresh air

Continue the theme of nature from the garden into your home. Plants add to the ambience of your home, but not only do they look pleasing to the eye, they will also fill the surrounding air with oxygen, literally breathing fresh air into your home.

10. Inject personality with accessories

One of the final steps in curating a warm and welcoming entry way is to inject your personality with accessories. You can have fun with this stage; you want it to represent you as an individual or family after all. Choose a small collection of accessories that work well together, from baskets to books and potted plants, but remember that less is more. Mix textures like wood, woven materials, glass and ceramics to create a quirky but cohesive design.

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