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Teenage millionaire to invest £20m in Croydon development

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8th Sep 15 11:26 am

Building will include trading floor and roof-top shisha bar

A teenage millionaire from Croydon is set to invest £20m in a two-tower multi storey development in Croydon in a bid to bring further wealth and jobs to the area.

According to Croydon Advertiser, Hashim Haq is hoping that his investment in the building, which will include a stock-market style trading floor and a roof-top shisha bar, will give young people from Croydon wanting to learn the best way to invest money, the opportunity to learn to trade.

Haq made his millions as a foreign exchange trader working from home. He recently invested £500k in a disused pub and opened Aroma Shisha which is currently the biggest shisha lounge in London.

He said: “I want to invest not just money but knowledge into Croydon.

“It seems like a lot of people in Croydon are finding it hard to find jobs.

“I have thought about making this investment in central London but my home is here, my family is here.”

He added: “When you tell people you are investing (so much money) in Croydon they say ‘are you crazy?’ But I think it’s the best place to be investing at the moment.

“We are seeing two-bedroom flats in central Croydon breaking the £500,000 price barrier, five years ago that would have been almost unheard of.”

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