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Six ways to make your house move fast and efficient

by John Saunders
16th Aug 21 4:44 pm

You need to treat your house move like a professional job if you want everything to run smoothly. To help you on your way, here are six great tips to make your move fast and efficient.

1. Choose a reliable and experienced removals company

One of the most crucial elements of an efficient house move is having a reliable moving company. You should spend some time comparing different ones to ensure the firm can provide the size of transportation you need, experienced handlers, and a range of specific services, such as providing packing materials and packing your belongings for you. One experienced and reliable company that has all of that covered is Apex removals company. Determine what you need out of your moving company before looking at different ones to make sure your house move goes smoothly.

2. Plan and prioritise

Things that slow down moves are often those things that you forget to do. With so much on your mind during a house move, you need to make a list of everything that needs to be done. You can then ensure vital things like calling the utility companies to inform them of your move and hiring a removals company are out of the way early on. For a fast and efficient move, have a firm plan in place and prioritise your tasks.

3. Pack early and strategically

If you are packing your belongings yourself, you need to start as soon as possible. Aim for around three weeks before moving day to ensure the packing process runs efficiently. Pack similar items in the same boxes. So, have one for breakables like china, another for books, and so on. Then label the boxes. Once you move into your new house, unpacking will be much simpler. You can ensure boxes are placed in the rooms they need to be in. You can also find the corkscrew a lot more easily when you are sitting on the floor with a takeaway on your first night after an exhausting day and really want a glass of wine.

4. Eat up all of your food

When you have less to pack and transport, your move will be that much faster and efficient. So, stop buying new food on the run-up to moving day and eat all of the food already in your cupboards. You will also want to eat up perishables and frozen food. Be creative with your recipes to make sure you use up all those foods that have been gathering dust. You then have less to pack and less to transport.

5. Get rid of belongings you do not need

You should also get rid of any of your belongings that you no longer need. Like food, that means you will have less to pack and transport. If you can cut down the need to transport several boxes, you could even reduce the size of the van you need for moving, and thereby cut down on the cost. With less to pack, loading and unloading a van becomes quicker too. So, get rid of any belongings you do not need or want by recycling them, giving them to charity, or throwing them away.

6. Do not leave packing until the last minute

There are sure to be some items that you do not want to pack until the last minute, such as toiletries and towels. But you should have an overnight bag ready for those things, and you should make sure that everything else is packed before moving day. If you leave packing too many little things until the last minute, it can significantly hold up moving on your big day. Pack anything that can be packed the night before your move.

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