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Quid bid: Room in London for rent at £1 A MONTH

16th Oct 15 11:48 am

No, we didn’t make this up

Now here’s a positive news story about renting in London. No, really.

A benevolent landlord in Stratford has advertised a decent double room to rent for a grand sum of £1.

A room in the home which has – five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garden – could be yours to rent if you are happy to help the landlord with his web/mobile development skills.

Advertised on EasyRoommate, the landlord is also offering unlimited internet.

However EasyRoommate has warned interested parties to “proceed with caution”.

The property website said in a statement: “Although this kind of advert seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we advise you to proceed with caution. Some landlords like to take advantage of desperate room seekers and expect more than you are willing to bring to the table.

“There is an increasing trend whereby landlords are offering a significantly reduced rent in exchange for a service they need.

“Services can range from doing the household chores or giving language lessons, to looking after the house dog.”


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