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Property hotspots: Where to buy property in Britain

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30th Sep 15 9:09 am

These are the places that are on the rise

The UK’s property market is crazy (as evidenced by this story) but there are some good deals to be had, if you know where to look.

Property site housesimple.com has picked out its up-and-coming property hotspots in the UK.


Transport links have improved in the northern city and central-based properties rose 6% on the previous year.

Average house price: £155,029


The Yorkshire town is being reinvented with a £500m investment in the last decade.

Average house price: £136,880


It’s set to be the centre of the HS2 London rail link and property prices are already on the rise in the UK’s second biggest city.

Average house price: £159,436


There’s a major “Connecting Leicester” project planned and a new King Richard III visitor centre, making Leicester a hotspot.

Average house price: £163,548

Hythe, Kent

It’s only a 52 minute commute from St Pancras and some agents here are offering free golf club memberships with house purchases.

Average house price: £287,077


The East Anglian town is a popular second-home destination and has been targeted for regeneration by the East of England Development agency.

Average house price: £196,472


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