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New homebuyers want a slice of country life

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7th Jun 17 10:28 am

Here’s proof

Latest research shows that ‘new build’ developers are drawing on nature and ‘country life’ for inspiration, as  ‘Park’, ‘Green’ and ‘Gardens’ top the builders’ choice of titles for their new developments. 

The research conducted by My Home Move, the UK’s leading provider of mover conveyancing services, looked at over 400 developments from the UK’s top 5 housebuilders*, to discover that when it comes to bricks and mortar, a name which evokes a sense of natural beauty and heritage proves more popular than an urban inspired moniker. 

Commenting on these findings, Mark Snape, Corporate Distribution Director, of My Home Move said, 

“We are known the world over as a nation of home owners and keen gardeners; and as such we’re not surprised that buyers are inspired by the idea of an escape to the country – especially in the wake of recent economic and political upheavals. When people are under stress they crave safety, security and a sense of community – an idea which these builders are investing in, and for some developments, spending close to nine years creating. 

“‘Green’, ‘Park’ and ‘Gardens’ suggest open spaces, rolling hills and countryside; while ‘Manor’, ‘Grange’ and ‘Court’ play on our sense of heritage and history – all of which appeal to peoples’ aspirations to own a little bit of Britain.”

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