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New baby celebrations: The best flowers to give

by John Saunders
22nd Apr 24 11:12 am

The birth of a child is the happiest event in the life of parents. Discharge from the maternity hospital is the first joint celebration in which all family members participate. To make this event memorable for a long time, you should please a baby’s mother with a beautiful and lush bouquet. You can also present bouquets to doctors and staff. MyFlowers florists will tell you what welcoming flowers you should choose for this significant event.

What flowers are the most suitable for the birth of a child?

A woman after childbirth is very sensitive and sentimental. To please her, it is important to pay attention to the choice of new born flowers because their task is to charge her with a good mood. As a custom, the following plants are chosen for discharge from the maternity hospital:

  • Roses. Bush or peony are preferred to classic roses. They look tender and touching. Such flowers can tell a woman about love, care, and gratitude for her. These plants go very well with daisies, bells, and eustomas.
  • Not all women like carnations, but they symbolise family, comfort, kindness, love, and reliability. These plants are beautiful, self-sufficient, and capable of pleasing the eye for a long time. This bouquet does not require special care and will delight you with its attractive appearance for many days.
  • Chrysanthemums come in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes, so choosing the right option is not difficult. With these plants, you can create a lush and stylish bouquet that emphasises beauty, youth, and a great sense of humour.

Also, to create a composition for discharge from the maternity hospital, you can use all kinds of primroses, which are complemented with sprigs of greenery. Also, an attractive and light bouquet with lilies of the valley, tulips, or daffodils will be an excellent option.

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Important features of choosing a bouquet

When selecting flowers for a child, consider the following nuances:

  • Aroma. Plants with a strong aroma can cause allergies in women and babies, so it is better to choose flowers with a subtle or no scent.
  • Exotic. Such flowers are appropriate in a bouquet only if the woman does not suffer from allergies.
  • High-quality. To be sure that your bouquet is safe, use services of baby flowers delivery in London from the trusted store here. Reliable retail chains do not use chemicals to prolong the freshness of plants.
  • Size. Order compact or medium-sized bouquets. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for a woman to hold it.
  • Decor. Hat boxes or baskets are a great alternative to film and paper. Such bouquets are more comfortable to hold, easy to transport in a car, and do not require a vase to store them.

Additional recommendations

When choosing a flower arrangement, you should also pay attention to the following factors:

  • Shade of buds. If flowers are purchased for a wife, you can present her with an ensemble in any shade. The man makes the choice based on his own taste. If the composition is intended for a close friend, it is better to use discreet solutions in pastel shades. Such colours speak of the baby’s purity, good health, and indicate sympathy for his mother.
  • Pretentious decoration in maternity hospital bouquets is not always acceptable. It all depends on the woman’s character. In any case, rough packaging, excessive bulkiness, and small shiny decorative elements should be avoided.
  • Colour according to the baby’s gender. Often flowers are given to the mother taking into account the gender of the baby.

What flowers to give to a baby girl and baby boy

If a baby girl is born, the mother is usually given flowers in pink shades. Tulips, roses, eustoma, and alstroemeria are the best possible options.

If you consider the best flowers, the new baby boy should be given such plants as irises, delphinium, and freesia. In this case, you can also focus on the traditional association and choose blue shades. Some men will be surprised, but beautiful blue flowers really exist. For example, hydrangea or delphinium look good in a mono-bouquet.

If finding blue flowers turns out to be as difficult, then stop at a white monochrome bouquet, and add accents with ribbons and packaging in the right shade. By the way, this life hack will also work with a bouquet for a girl.

Of course, it is not at all necessary to give pink or blue flowers for discharge. The bouquet can be of absolutely any colour, from neutral beige to rich burgundy. In any case, such a sign of attention will be pleasant for the new mother.

Flowers for a new mom are a great way to cheer her up. Use our simple tips to find the perfect bouquet for her. You can give flowers in person or order delivery directly to the hospital or home.

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