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New AI assistant manages the rental process for letting agents

by LLP Reporter
10th Jul 19 10:43 am

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, which can automate many parts of the lettings process, has launched to the UK property market.

Thought to be an industry first, Roby.ai works for letting agents and property managers so they can spend more time building their businesses.

The cloud-based system, which is agile and flexible, can adapt to how agents work, depending on how much of the lettings process they want to automate.

How does Roby work?

Roby.ai is an operational system that looks after back office tasks for agents, sitting in the middle of the whole rental process.

Running in the background carrying out administration tasks, Roby can connect to an agent’s existing CRM or act as the agent’s CRM. It also connects to accounting software, helping agents to manage all aspects of the rental process from the viewing and the tenant moving in, to collecting rent and managing maintenance issues.

The system helps agents to reduce the time spent on low-level administration tasks and focus on closing deals, increasing profitability and offering a more streamlined service.

For example, registering a tenant’s deposit usually takes a letting agent around 25 minutes. With Roby, the task is automated and therefore takes no time at all.

Some of the processes that Roby can manage on an agent’s behalf include:

  • Organise viewings in one-click
  • Hybrid tenant referencing
  • Automation of property advertising
  • Digital signing of tenancy agreements
  • Property inventory management
  • Automated deposit protection and rent guarantees
  • Management of property maintenance process
  • Automated rent collection

“We’re not looking to change the way letting agents work, we want to fit in with how they currently work, providing them with a tool that dramatically reduces their administration workload and automates as much or as little of the rental process as they wish,” saidTom Reiss, Roby.ai CEO and co-founder.

“Some agents still want to use spreadsheets, while others want to be almost fully automated. Our AI assistant can fit in anywhere on this spectrum, helping to make each day that little bit easier for agents.”

Roby.ai is officially launching to the UK market this month. It already has integrations with several industry suppliers in place and agents can choose the level of integration they want to pursue.

Multiple UK agents, with a combined rental portfolio of over 400,000 properties, are early adopters of the Roby tool. The cost of the tool is a subscription fee, based on agent’s portfolio size.

‘Reducing operating costs and improving customer experience’

Roby.ai is a truly autonomous tool, which can execute many of the different tasks involved in the property management process. The white-labelled solution which allows agents to connect with clients using their own brand and colours  is constantly learning and improving in order to meet the needs of the specific agency using it as well as their clients and customers.

Reiss added, “We’ve reached a point of ‘too much information’ for letting agents and property managers as the industry regulations tighten and the rental sector continues to grow rapidly.

“That’s why they increasingly need tech solutions driven by AI to help reduce workload, minimise repetitive tasks and make things faster and easier for consumers, all while remaining compliant with increasing legislation.

“Alongside an unmanageable level of administration tasks, agents are increasingly having to cope with the challenge of using various technologies which don’t integrate effectively for different parts of the rental process.

“Roby eliminates this challenge by covering the whole process, meaning a huge number of agents’ daily tasks are covered by one seamless, automated technology solution.”

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