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London’s most overpriced miniscule spaces that cost over £100,000

by LLP Editor
26th Feb 14 5:47 pm

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Britain’s smallest £1m property offers less space than a London Underground tube carriage.

Spread across 461 square feet, the home has one bedroom, a little kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Now if this house made your eyes pop then wait till you read about London’s most over-priced miniscule spaces.

From shoddy garages to dodgy gardens, London’s got a lot of weird properties fetching over a staggering £100,000. Take a look:


1. £400,000 Royal Albert Hall parking space

Parking mad! UK's most expensive parking space on sale for £400,000

It was a classic case of “parking mad” when this piece of land near Royal Albert Hall was named the UK’s most expensive parking space last week. The price tag? A cool £400,000.

The space that can fit only two cars is nearly 2.5 times the cost of an average UK home.


2. £318,000 former Coach House

This St John’s Wood coach house went for three times its asking price. The 466 square foot property is half the size of an average British home.

The new owner plans to turn it into a home and the present owner is using it to store cardboard boxes…. lots of them.


3. £300,000 Hyde Park parking space

Hyde Park parking space

While the Royal Albert Hall parking space got tongues wagging, a Hyde Park parking space went on sale for an eye-watering £300,000. This is almost twice the price of the average UK home. The Daily Mail was quick to point out that the space costs more than a Rolls-Royce, and 15 times as much as the BMW 1 Series.

The buyer of the space paid £1,299 per square foot.


4. £250,000 garage that was advertised as a “studio”

Winkworth Garage

Source: Winkworth

£250,000 is what this former garage in Highgate in north London fetched. It was on the market for the same price as a six-bedroom detached house in Barnsley or a four-bedroom villa with pool in Alicante.

It costs nearly 10 times the average UK salary.


5. £120,000 Fulham Garden

Fulham Garden Space

This 0.1 acre garden in Fulham fetched a whopping £120,000 in October last year. The garden was sold for £273 per square foot or £3,000 per square metre.

Now that’s one expensive garden.

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