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London's first ever property price Tube map revealed

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15th May 13 10:57 am

Which stations win in this Tube stop lottery?

London property price tube map

Central London property prices have long been going through the roof, but that doesn’t mean that there are no pockets of value to be found.

Choosing to live just a few hundred meters further and closer to a less reputable Tube station, can often help you shave of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

London property prices Tube map zoom

London property prices Tube map

Now, while we have long known that disparities exist between let’s say Notting Hill and the slightly less glamorous Bayswater, a new property price Tube map out today for the first time shows just how stark these variations can be.

Produced by luxury West End estate agents Wetherell in association for Transport for London, the map shows London’s most expensive Tube stations and underground lines.

“Owning a home next to the ‘right’ Tube station can result in a Londoner benefitting from ‘property gold and riches’, whilst living just a few stops down the line by another can mean owning a home which is just a third of the value of the former,” said Wetherell’s managing director Peter Wetherell.

“Likewise, if you are renting you could live just a few Tube stops away from a friend, yet enjoy a rent that is much lower than theirs.”

Knightsbridge is the most expensive Tube station where a two-bedroom flat costs £2.67m or £1,252 in rent a week. Other ultra-luxury locations include Hyde Park Corner which borders Belgravia where a two bed flat costs an average of £1.71m or £936 a week in rent and Green Park in Mayfair where prices are £1.27m or £1,016 to rent.

Property price per Tube location

Property price per Tube location

Sloane Square in Chelsea is also not far behind, with two bedrooms here costing  £1.44m to buy of £820 a week to rent, while High Street Kensington has prices at just under £1.2m but slightly higher weekly rental costs of £822.

Out of the Tube lines, the Piccadilly line was deemed to be London’s most expensive and prestigious Tube line, followed by the District, Circle and Central lines. The Northern Line was deemed to be the least valuable Tube line in Zone One.

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