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Londoners don't trust their neighbours – here's proof

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13th Oct 16 11:09 am

The age of Neighbourhood Watch is coming to an end

Two thirds of Londoners don’t trust their neighbours, a new study has found

Despite recent recruitment drives across the country, the once hailed community initiative is facing declining volunteer numbers and now over 62 per cent of property owners in London have admitted they don’t trust their neighbours enough to give them a key to their house.

Londoners proved to be among the most suspicious region in the UK; with only 28 per cent saying they trusted their neighbours. 51 per cent believe their neighbours eavesdrop into private conversations while 67 per cent wouldn’t leave their key with a neighbour whilst they went on holiday.

The research, conducted by Maplin for National Home Security Month, also uncovers some of the largely ineffective measures the people of the Midlands use to protect their home. Only eight per cent of those polled saying they had installed CCTV whilst 46 per cent said they leave the lights on and 7 per cent admitted to relying on their dog to deter thieves.

Oliver Meakin, CEO of Maplin said: “Whilst it is a shame to see a decline in neighbourly trust, I’m shocked to see such a high number not taking measures to protect their homes properly. Last year there were 392,341 reported break-ins across the UK, so it is vital that homeowners look at ways to effectively deter and prevent burglars.”

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