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Londoners are splashing the cash on handyman home improvements

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17th Mar 17 1:54 pm

Take a look at this new survey

In 2016 a total of 82 per cent of London homeowners carried out DIY improvements each month. As well as this almost 20 per cent are spending £1,000 on materials throughout the year.

The new survey comes from Portico London estate agents.

Although a huge number carried out the work themselves, 70 per cent of those questioned in the survey said they paid for work to be completed around the house in 2016.

Over half spent over £1,000 a year on handyman services.

Plumbing and electrical work were the most common tasks to be paid for in 2016, 1 in 3 Londoners paid for painting and decorating work to be done. A total of 28 per cent paid for garden/outdoor work to be completed.

As well as this the survey shows that many would pay for someone to do simpler jobs around the home, this is due to the wider availability of handymen.

Robert Nichols, managing director of Portico estate agents & Portico Handyman, said: “In today’s market, if you’re thinking of selling, it’s imperative your house is looking its best, whether that’s with a fresh lick of paint, a new bathroom or kitchen, or improved kerb appeal. Home improvements will not only boost the value of a property, they’ll also lead to a quicker sale – so hiring a handyman is certainly not a false economy.”

“In fact, if you find a competitive day rate and get all your DIY jobs in one sweep, hiring a handyman or tradesman can actually be very cost-effective.”

“We’ve noticed a growing demand for ‘small DIY jobs’ and reliable tradesmen, which is why we’re investing heavily in the Portico Handyman service.”

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