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London tenants can now reduce their monthly rent by 89% in just 70 days

by LLP Reporter
7th Sep 20 10:38 am

London is home to one of the most expensive rental markets in the world with a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costing as much as £1,765 per month.

While the current pandemic has put a stop to travel for the large part, London tenants do have an escape route on the horizon that could reduce their rental outgoings by as much as -89% a month.

Expedition company, Adventures Overland, has launched a new bus route and by hopping on in London, you could jump off in a far more affordable rental market.

No, it isn’t the number 97 towards Stratford City, and it will require a passport. It is, in fact, the ‘first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service between London and Delhi where the average monthly rent for a city centre apartment is a dreamy £190 a month.

The modified luxury bus will accommodate 20 passengers, and let’s face it, will probably be similar to living in a shoe-box, central London apartment. If anything, it might be better.

The route will make its way through 18 different countries, and while the specific stops are yet to be confirmed, there are plenty of affordable rental options on route if Dehli isn’t your cup of tea.

Research by Spotahome shows you could rent in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, for £181 per month. In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, for £186 per month.

If you’d rather stick to Europe, you could hop off in the Latvian capital of Riga or the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and rent at £371 or £473 a month respectively.

Bangkok would set you back £503 per month in rent, or even Beijing would be cheaper than London at £812 per month.

The catch? The full trip will cost just over £15,000 for a one-way trip, with a return flight from India to London. That’s £15,000 for just over two months of travelling while the same sum could cover your rent in London for nearly nine months!

When you put it like that, we think we’ll stick with London.

UK and Ireland Country Manager of Spotahome, Nadia Butt said, “We’re obviously biased, but we think London is one of the greatest cities in the world to live and work in despite the high rental costs associated with the capital.

“However, London renters would be forgiven for being slightly envious of the low cost of renting in other parts of the world, and now you have the option to explore a whole host of new cities without even getting on a plane.

“Although with such a hefty ticket price, we think we would rather spend nine months exploring London and all its hidden treasures rather than just over two months on what is essentially public transport.”

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