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London property giant Dominvs Group backs ‘critical’ COVID medical research

by Cass
26th Mar 21 10:06 am

One of the capital’s biggest property players Dominvs Group has recently announced its backing for a brand-new trailblazing study into long-COVID.

The study will see a trio of London-based clinical researchers investigating changes in the immune system of patients suffering with long-COVID. The researchers will analyse blood samples to identify any common abnormalities in the immune cells of sufferers.

The project is kicking off this month after Dominvs Group threw its weight behind the investigation with a £20,000 donation. Well-known for its developments across the country, Dominvs has made a name for itself as a supporter of community causes through the launch of its CSR arm, Dominvs In Action.

The Group said its work is part of its effort to support the national bounceback after the pandemic.

Rani Ahluwalia, Chair of Dominvs In Action, said: “We are delighted to be supporting this essential clinical research. There is a need for funding to support evidence-based research into COVID-19, especially the sometimes-overlooked area of long-COVID.

“We may be sadly living with coronavirus for many years yet, and we must understand its underlying causes so that we can devise successful interventions. In the face of a truly national crisis, the private sector has an important role in supporting this type of clinical research. We are delighted to be supporting this very important work.”

Led by Dr. Paul Glynne, the study will sample blood from 100 participants, all individuals who have previously had COVID, some who have since fully recovered and others who have gone on to experience symptoms of long-Covid.

Some 10% of people who contract COVID-19 will develop long-Covid, very often after having only mild symptoms with the acute infection; and as the pandemic continues, long-COVID is predicted to become an increasing clinical problem. It is unknown why some patients develop long-COVID while most do not, and currently no evidence-based treatments are available for it.

Long-Covid symptoms are typically multi-system in their presentation, comprising fever and fatigue; anxiety, insomnia and brain fog; headaches and pins and needles; breathlessness and chest pain; diarrhoea and food intolerances, as well as rashes and vascular changes.

Dr Paul Glynne, the lead investigator on the research project, said: “There is an urgent need for more clinical research into long-Covid. Anecdotal reports of ongoing inflammation in long-Covid, not typically measurable in routine blood tests, have prompted interest in exploring the nature of this inflammation further.

Dr. Glynne is the Medical Director of The Physicians’ Clinic and Consultant Physician at UCLH. The Physicians’ Clinic, a leading private clinic in Central London, will house the research in collaboration with HCA Healthcare UK, and the investigators plan to publish their findings later this year. The co-investigators on the project are Dr. Rajeev Gupta and Dr. Vanya Gant, with coordination support from Natasha Tahmasebi.

Supported by Dominvs In Action, the donation follows fast on the heels of the Group’s support for the British Urology Researchers in Surgical Training (BURST) last year, as the Group continues to increase its support for high-impact medical and clinical research.

Dr Paul Glynne added: “We are immensely thankful for the support of Dominvs Group, which will enable us to see this important research through to completion.”

Following the research’s completion, there may be follow-up research to assess and evaluate clinical interventions to alleviate the symptoms of long-COVID.

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