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LendInvest hits £1bn in capital base

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14th Dec 17 9:32 am

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LendInvest, the UK’s leading online marketplace platform for property finance, has reported a record-breaking year of capital raising. Since the start of 2017, LendInvest’s lending capital base has grown by 104 per cent to £765 million ($1.03 billion).

LendInvest’s diversified investor base includes global banks, pension and infrastructure funds, family offices and private clients based throughout the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The company operates the largest institutional funding base of any European FinTech lender on record.

To date, LendInvest investors have used the platform to invest almost £1.2 billion in secured property loans. These loans are made to professional property investors and developers who have built, bought or renovated over 4,000 homes around the UK.

Christian Faes, Co-Founder & CEO of LendInvest, commented: “Surpassing the $1 billion mark for capital under management confirms LendInvest’s place as the UK’s leading online platform for stable, income-driven investments into UK real estate.

“The demand for credit to back UK residential property projects consistently outweighs the supply, but banks and other traditional lenders continually fail to close that gap. As one of the UK’s leading non-bank lenders, we’re in a unique position to capitalise on the opportunity this creates for the benefit of all our investors. With a well diversified lending capital base, 2018 looks promising for us and our investors. We’ll lend more than ever before across the country, helping to fund the creation of thousands more essential new and improved homes in dozens of the UK’s towns and cities.”

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