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Just 36% of homeowners dreaming of a white Christmas

by LLP Reporter
20th Dec 23 10:08 am

The latest research from eXp UK, the platform for personal estate agents, has revealed that while Bing Crosby may be dreaming of a white Christmas, UK homeowners don’t share the same sentiment, with the danger of slipping, high heating consumption and clearing snow and ice from their cars topping the list of most annoying snow related chores.

eXp UK surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners ahead of the Christmas period and asked them whether or not they were dreaming of a white Christmas.

Just 36% stated that they were, in fact, dreaming of a white Christmas, while a far higher 64% were not.

So why not?

Top of the list of most annoying things about the snow, as rated by UK homeowners, was the increased danger of slipping over outside their home.

Having to keep the house warm ranked second, no doubt driven by the higher cost of energy bills in recent years.

Clearing snow and ice from the car when they wanted to go somewhere came third.

Pipes freezing and bursting also ranked high at number four, followed by having to shovel the driveway, generally not being able to leave the house and the mess brought into the house by kids and pets from playing outside.

Head of eXp UK, Adam Day, said, “While a white Christmas may add to the festive magic of the holidays, it’s unfortunately an incredibly rare occurrence in the UK.

And it seems that it’s just as well, as Bing is in the minority when it comes to how many of us would actually like to see one.

It may be a dream come true for the kids, but for us adults, snow is an additional pain in the Christmas crackers that adds to the long list of things we need to get done during a very busy time of year.

So it’s hardly surprising that so many of us could do without higher heating bills, the danger of falling over and the additional chores of clearing cars and driveways over the Christmas break.”

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