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How much to hire a grab lorry?

by John Saunders
29th Aug 19 3:33 pm

A lot of people ask as to why is grab lorry required or whether it is better than skip hire Essex or not, here we will be discussing all this and much more. People are even inquisitive to know how much to hire a grab lorry and what are the services offered. Let’s first understand what a grab hire is and then move ahead to know the charges.

What is a grab hire

Grab hire is suitable to move large amount of construction, garden and building waste. Moving them in grab lorry is convenient as well as an affordable alternative to other methods of waste removal. So, specially made with accessibility in mind, grab lorry use hydraulic grab arm as well as a bucket to pick and clear the large quantities of wastage from even the remotest or otherwise hard to access areas.

Why take grab lorry services?

One of the main advantages of a grab lorry is the huge waste that it can collect as a standard sized lorry can fit over twice the amount of waste of two skips. Not just that, it even does so at a fraction of price, offering higher efficiency. The ease of grab lorry simply means that it can travel to your site at most suitable time, collecting and picking the waste with minimal inconvenience or disruption.

Hiring a grab lorry is a cost effective and fast way to dispose large amounts of waste. All you need to do is to pile up the trash and waste and the grab lorry specialists will load it on the lorry, saving your efforts, time and money. Also, using a lorry is a great way to muck away like brick, wood, soil clay, rubble etc. The professionals can collect around 3 standard skip loads in just one grab lorry and the best part is that it doesn’t even require any permit like the skip hire. All the waste is disposed and recycled at a licensed recycle centre. So, recycling Essex is made that easy with grab lorry services.

How much to hire a grab lorry?

Now coming to the question of how much does it cost to hire a grab lorry, well, it is dependent on the lorry size you require, the kind of waste you wish to dispose of and from where it will be collected. Grab lorry hire is basically charged as per the load of the inert waste types like soil or even charged according to the load plus the tonnage for the mixed waste. This is how the calculation for grab lorry hire cost is done.

Also, the grab lorry charges vary from one region to the other. Like some companies charge £160 per lorry for areas like Dudley, Wolverhampton, Sturbridge etc. As there is much competition in the market, the service providers keep the costs affordable and offer licensed transfer station facility. In fact, a grab lorry has the capacity to hold the equivalent of 3 skips so in a way it is cheaper than using any type of skip hire.

Advantages of grab hire

  • Grab lorry hire is a hassle free and quick way to remove waste without any need for permits
  • It is one of the most affordable as well as cost effective waste removal techniques without any errors involved
  • No manual labour is needed in case of grab lorry services
  • Easy and convenient to remove the waste and it can even reach the areas that are otherwise inaccessible like from over the fences or walls etc
  • No task is too small or too big and grab hire is suitable for a range of work like for domestic, industrial and commercial waste removals
  • You get peace of mind that the waste will be disposed of properly and recycled at a licensed transfer station


So, in addition to boasting the large volume of waste that it can hold, a grab lorry is also an agile vehicle that is much popular for its accessibility to otherwise unreachable spots. And on top of that, all your waste will be removed with no need to get any permits.  What are you waiting for? Get a quote from the grab lorry hire near you and compare the prices online for an informed decision.

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