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Here’s how much your council tax will be rising in April

7th Mar 24 12:23 pm

Households have been told to prepare for council tax payments as some may be paying over £400 extra from April.

Home insurance experts at Quotezone.co.uk have calculated the expected rise of council tax across 13 councils in England for homes in band D.

Councils are able to increase their tax rates by 4.99%, but those with government permission can raise the rate by over 5%.

Birmingham City Council recently announced it will be likely to impose a hike of 21% – meaning residents will be paying £400.20 more from April, meaning an annual fee of £2,305.93.

Out of the 13 cities that have been analysed, only two will see a hike of less than £100 – Manchester and York.

York will see the lowest increase in council tax – with fees rising by just under £80, from £1,570.42 to £1,648.78.

Residents in Manchester will both be paying £98.27 more each year.

Nottingham households will see one of the biggest increases at £120.34 – however some residents may see a larger rise after the city recently announced its effective bankruptcy.

Those living in Bristol currently pay some of the highest council tax rates in the country, which is set to rise to £2,462.26 in April, an annual increase of £117.02.

Southampton residents will be expected to pay over £102 more on their annual council tax payments, whilst for households in Newcastle, bills will increase by more than £108.

Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone.co.uk said that households across the country should check to see how much their annual bills could be increasing by.

He said: “In April council tax payments will be going up, so it’s important to know what to expect. Residents should check if the band they’re in is correct, any changes to your property and you could be able to propose a new band.

“Any single-adult households are also eligible for a 25% discount on council tax. You’re also exempt from council tax payments for several reasons, including if you’re a full-time student or a live-in carer.

“Our research shows how much council tax is expected to increase in 13 cities across England for band D properties to help households prepare.

“The majority of residents will be paying over £100 more on their annual bills – only Manchester and York will see a lesser increase.

“Out of the 13 councils analysed, only three will be paying less than £2,200 for their tax bill. Nottingham residents will be paying the most at £2,531.99 from April and York the least at £1,648.78 – which is still an increase of almost £80 a year.

“Residents in Newcastle are predicted to pay over £108 more whilst those living in Brighton could see an increase of over £111 on their annual council tax bill.

“Our research will hopefully help households all over England start to re-budget their finances in preparation for the council tax increase in April.

“There are ways people can find savings on everyday bills and essentials and our price comparison site is a good way to start comparing products and services, helping families cut out any waste and reduce costs where possible.”

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