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Heatwaves incoming: How to protect your garden and keep cool

by LLP Reporter
29th Jun 23 5:01 pm

With temperatures expected to remain in the mid-twenties for the majority of June, households up and down the UK are preparing for sunny soirees, alfresco dining, and lounging under balmy blue skies.

So, with the heatwaves incoming, how can you protect your garden and its stylish furnishings from the heat and UV rays? And how can you keep cool when alfresco dining? Lara Stewart, DOC from Harbour Lifestyle, the luxury living brand, reveals all…

Lara Stewart, DOC from Harbour Lifestyle, said, “When the heatwaves finally roll in, it is important to remember that, just like in winter, your garden also needs protecting in the summer. Different types of textiles, furnishings and structures react differently to harsh UV and soaring temperatures, so it’s important to know the best way to care for and protect your outdoor furniture in the upcoming summer months.

How to protect your garden furniture during a heatwave

“First things first, when the temperature is rising, it is important to remove your garden furniture covers. Most garden furniture covers are lined with PVC to repel the elements during wet weather, but when they are placed under a direct heat source such as the sun, they can actually melt and leave a residue or stain on your furnishings.

“Some materials in lower quality, less expensive furnishings can become brittle if left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. To prevent fading and breakage, you should ensure your furniture is well shaded during sunny periods. Alternatively, select higher quality furniture for your garden, with UV resistant, fade proof textiles, such as the ones from Harbour Lifestyle’s range, to avoid these issues.

“In direct sunlight, any glass topped garden items can heat up to extreme temperatures due to glass’ nature of retaining heat easily. So, the glass will feel hot to the touch, and can be at risk of melting any plastic items that come into contact with it. To avoid this, use caution around any garden glass, and introduce a parasol to create shade.

“Over time, wooden garden furniture may naturally fade, and develop small cracks and fissures due to changes in humidity and temperature. These features are inherent in solid wood furniture, and add to the aesthetic of the wood as it ages. To keep the fading to a minimum, before sunny weather is due, use a protective, colour maintaining formula on the wood”.

How to keep cool outdoors during a heatwave

“When the temperature is soaring, it is natural to want to move outdoors to make the most of the balmy British weather. But, during a heatwave, us Brits really aren’t used to the heat. So, there are a few ways to make alfresco lounging a little more comfortable…

“Firstly, you’re going to want to ensure you have dedicated areas for shade. Direct sunlight can cause extreme heat over long periods, so implementing shaded spaces is vital to make a cool and comfortable environment. Cantilever parasols are perfect for adding in portable shade wherever it is needed – as the handy lever rotates 360 degrees, so you can move it along with the sun.

“It is a great idea to consider the material of your garden furniture and how it absorbs or reflects heat. Synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic tend to absorb and retain heat, meaning you will feel a lot hotter when lounging on them. Instead, choose fabrics in light shades with heat reflecting properties. Additionally, wooden structures tend to keep a lot cooler than metal ones – so choose wisely which ones you leave in the sun, and which ones remain in the shade.

“The most important thing to consider before a heatwave hits is the garden furniture you are choosing, and its quality. Higher quality, more premium pieces are often built to withstand any elements, come rain or shine. Alongside being chic and luxurious, Harbour Lifestyle’s range is built to last with the finest quality materials and textiles, ensuring your furniture will provide years of enjoyment and happy memories”.

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