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Hazmat suits for property tours unveiled by Reevo 360

by LLP Reporter
11th May 20 12:14 pm

Leading on-line technology firm REEVO 360 which provides ‘virtual tours’, photography, CGIs and floorplans for properties, have a collection of special anti-COVID-19 Hazmat Suits (Hazardous Materials suit) which they can use when they visit houses, apartments or buildings with their bespoke camera-rig in order to create ‘virtual tours’ and photoshoots for developer, estate agent and private clients.

For past CGI and photoshoot work before COVID-19 emerged REEVO 360 have had to visit derelict buildings or construction sites, some contaminated, hence the need for the Hazmat Suits. They enable the REEVO 360 camera and inspection crews to visit properties without risk of contamination or infection.

In the new age of COVID-19, when visiting properties post-lockdown, the Hazmat Suits – if requested by vendors/clients – protect both the REEVO 360 camera team and any other people in the properties being visited.

The “World War III style” state-of-the-art Hazmat Suits consist of an impermeable whole-body garment, complete with special face breathing-mask and eye shield goggles. The suits provide respiratory protection, and protection against chemicals, biological agents or other harmful materials.

REEVO 360 charge from £95 per ‘virtual viewing’, sold in bundles; with Hazmat Suit equipped tours charged separately and at a price premium due to working in Hazmat Suits being very stenuous and requiring a team for pre and post visit suit changed and decontamination.

Founded in 2018 Reevo 360 create ‘virtual tours’ for properties using revolutionary technology linked to a bespoke design camera rig that took 1.5 years to research and develop. Reevo 360 can visit apartments and houses and using the bespoke IT and camera rig to create state-of-the-art 360 degree ‘virtual reality’ interior and exterior views of homes for sale, alongside RICS floorplans and still photos. Reevo 360 work across the property industry for estate agents, housebuilders, residential and mixed use developers, commercial agents, retailers, hotel operators and private schools.

In the property sector Reevo 360 clients include Galliard Homes, Beauchamp Estates, Weston Homes and Roman.

Potential buyers are sent a digital link for the property they are interested in viewing, along with a unique access code which connects the buyer’s screen to that of the sales agent. This enables the sales agent to speak to and interact with the buyer and take them on a professionally guided virtual viewing of the home for sale; with the sales person conversing and outline all the features and benefits of the property, and answering any buyer questions during the virtual viewing.

To access the virtual viewing the buyer can use any smart of PC device including smartphone/i-phone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC, connecting with the sales agent from anywhere in the world. The virtual viewing is encrypted and secure and is unique to the buyer and sales agent. Like any viewing, the virtual tour can take however long the buyer requires whether that is 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour or more.

In addition, should the buyer want a partner, relative, investment adviser or lawyer to join the virtual viewing, this can be arranged and up to 50 people can have connected screens with the sales agent and join the virtual viewing.

In the age of COVID-19 demand for virtual tours to market properties has gone through the roof – Daniel Freeman, Sales Director of Reevo 360 says: “Pre-lockdown demand for Reevo 360 virtual tours rose 20%-30% and then since lockdown demand enquiries to us have risen by 400%.”

Daniel Freeman, Sales Director at Reeve 360 said, “Our Reevo 360 guided virtual viewing is highly innovative and distinctive in the property marketing sector. Distinct from videos or “Virtual Tours” which are not a proper guided tour or collaborative exchange between the sales agent and buyer. What Reevo 360 offers customers is a truly interactive 360 degree tour of a property where the sales agent actually guides the buyer remotely through the home, talking through its features with them and answering questions, just as they do in the real world.”


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