Having a ‘happy’ street name can boost property value by £56,000


When house hunting, most of us don’t pay much attention to the road name; in fact, 92% of Brits state that they aren’t concerned with the street name of their next potential home.

However, Bankrate.com/uk has discovered that this seemingly small feature can have a significant effect on the value of your house.

After analysing thousands of road names in the UK, Bankrate has found that houses on a ‘happy’
street can increase your home’s value by an astonishing average of £24,830.86!

The happy road name with the highest added value is chipper – this can potentially add £56,571 to
your home’s selling price, and is most popular in Wiltshire, South West England. This is followed by
pretty, which boosts your home’s value by £44,918 on average and is most popular in the East of

Other names that can increase your property’s value and the area they are most frequently found in
are as follows:
Gay: £40,293 (South West)
Pleasure: £39,029 (South East)
Dancers: £32,029 (East of England)
Beam: £30,623 (North West and
North East)
Heaven: £29,273 (London)
Merry: £27,619 (East and West

BankRate also discovered that hope is the most popular happy street name. Hope makes an
appearance in 216 roads in the UK and increases property prices by £20,434 on average.
In second place is summer which is included in 127 different streets across England and Wales, closely
followed by sunny which is found in 126 roads in the country!

The 10 most popular happy road names are as follows:
1. Hope – 216
2. Summer – 127
3. Sunny – 126
4. Love – 123
5. Pleasant – 118

6. Paradise – 109
7. Angel – 90
8. Bright – 65
9. Rainbow – 48
10. Flower – 31