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Fancy renting this marvellously bonkers house designed by Grayson Perry?

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21st Aug 14 11:27 am

It’s brand new, and you can

Turner prize-winning artist Grayson Perry has turned his able hands from pottery and tapestry to graphic novels in the past, but his latest creation is on a far larger scale.

Take a look at the astonishing vision that is “A House for Essex”, a holiday home designed by Perry and London architecture firm FAT, that looks part Hansel and Gretel cottage, part space-science church.

A coruscating copper-alloy roof with tall gable windows sits above a brightly-tiled exterior of green and white tiles, while the building is surrounded by open fields. It’s segmented design looks almost as though it could collapse in on itself from each end, like an accordion.

Grayson Perry House 1

Meanwhile, the interior of the property will have internal balconies that look over the double-height living room, and will also feature a suspended bathing area above the entrance.

The house overlooks the river Stour in north Essex, and was designed for Living Architecture, a project by popular philosopher Alain de Botton, in which the public are able to take holidays in amazing modern architecture.

Grayson Perry House 2

According to Homes&Property.co.uk, Perry commissioned over 2,000 hand-made tiles to be created for the house, made by ceramics company Shaws of Darwen, which is well known for making Butler sinks.

Charles Holland of FAT said: “We all sat down and had the idea of a chapel you could live in, with references to wooden Russian architecture, too. Because of Grayson, we had the idea of a ‘pottery’ building, with the inside designed around artworks he is making for it. So Grayson went off and started on some tiles for the outside.”

Grayson Perry House 3

When completed at some point in 2015, the house will be available to rent and will join five other extraordinary properties available to take for holidays through Living Architecture.

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