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Escape the chaos with a crowdfunded private island

by LLP Staff Reporter
11th Dec 20 11:21 am

Owners of the world’s first crowdfunded private island are looking for more investors to share the luxury with, especially those who might be looking for their own private oasis to escape the Covid-19 pandemic.

An international community of like-minded investors and travel enthusiasts is creating a socially responsible, eco-friendly, self-sustaining island property. It will be designed to rent to travellers who can visit, live, relax and enjoy the solitude of nature, and all the other joys of staying on a private island.

Coffee Caye is just one hour away from Belize City airport and with 1.1 acres (0.45 hectares) of undeveloped land, its the perfect blank canvas for its new owners.

Jodie Hill, investor at ‘Let’s Buy an Island’, explains: “We spent months searching for our dream island before deciding to buy Coffee Caye, Belize. Now we’re looking for more like-minded investors to come on board and have their own slice of heaven with exclusive access, as well as having a say on how the island is developed.

“Belize has weathered the Covid storm and cases on our island are zero, making it the perfect spot to escape to in these unprecedented times. Coffee Caye is about as good as it can get for an accessible private island in the tropics.

“A short 20-minute boat ride will get you to the Belize mainland where visitors can take advantage of the incredible hiking, diving, caving, boating, and surfing available, as well as the lovely people and amazing local cuisine.”

Interested investors have the chance to become part of ‘Let’s Buy an Island’ – it costs around £3,000 to become a shareholder in the purchasing company and earns the buyer exclusive access as well as voting rights on how the island is developed in future.

Future plans include building a purpose-built multi-room rental property allowing groups of two and 20 people at any given time.

Jodie continued: “Our aim is to make our island an affordable option for travellers looking for a getaway that was once reserved for the rich and the famous. We’ve had lots of interest from investors looking for their own oasis as a result of the impact that Covid has had on the travel industry. Where better to holiday than on your own island?”

Belize is very accessible and served by most legacy carriers in the region, including Delta, American, Copa, Aeromexico, British Airways and Air Canada. Direct flights to Mexico City, Cancun, Bogota, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and others make it a great weekend getaway for visitors and investors alike.

Co-founder Marshall Mayer added: “Coffee Caye is a paradise just waiting to be discovered and we are so excited to have like-minded investors join us on this journey.”

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