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Eight essential solutions to keep your home clutter-free

by John Saunders
23rd Mar 21 11:03 am

Clutter can be a source of frustration and stress in many peoples’ lives. Keeping our homes clutter-free can be a great way to improve our mental wellbeing – though doing it can be easier said than done.

To reduce clutter and make your home the relaxing paradise you deserve, you should consider using a mix of good habits at home, innovative storage solutions and good shopping practices.

Here are some of the best ways that you can make your home clutter-free with minimal hassle.

Regular decluttering

This one may go without saying, but regular decluttering is crucial to ensure a clutter-free home. You could try incorporating decluttering into your everyday life, for instance, by setting aside ten minutes per day to declutter around the house. Breaking decluttering down into manageable chunks means that you won’t be faced with the considerable task of decluttering the whole house at once, and you might be surprised how quickly the clutter is reduced.

If you have the time, you could consider devoting a bit more time to decluttering and going room to room or area to area.

Buy multipurpose furniture

Where possible, you could aim to buy furniture that doubles as storage. Good examples of this are beds with in-built drawers or coffee tables with shelves. This can help drastically reduce the clutter in your home without giving up many of your belongings.

Garden storage

Using your garden space as storage can be a great way to free up space inside your home. You could consider investing in a garden shed that you can store all your gardening supplies inside, as well as some other items that can cope with being outside of the home.

There are many types of garden sheds to choose from that can be perfect for anyone wanting to reduce the clutter inside their home. Check out the range from Shedstore today to get an idea of how you could benefit from garden shed storage.

Add shelving

If you struggle for space at home, you should consider using the vertical space around your house. One of the best ways to do this is by installing shelves on various walls. Shelves are great for storing books, CDs, DVDs, knick-knacks and more.

Even adding one or two shelves in each room throughout your home can make a huge difference.

Have a one in, one out policy

Having a one in, one out policy can be invaluable for anyone who is a bit of a shopaholic. When you are tempted to buy something new, decide first if there is something you would be willing to throw out or donate to make room for the new item. If you can’t find anything you’d be willing to part with, then don’t buy the item.

Shop smarter

It could help to have an overhaul of your shopping habits. You can do this by giving yourself a cool-down period to prevent any impulse buying. Consider only buying something after giving it seven days thought first. This can help reduce the urge to impulse buy, save you money, and save your home from clutter!

Shopping mindfully can also help ensure that the things you buy are of good quality and will get a lot of use. In times of fast fashion, we can all use a little more mindful shopping in our daily lives.

Give everything a home

It can help ensure that everything in your home has its own place – and that you return them to that place after every use. Giving all of your belongings a set home is another habit that can be beneficial when trying to reduce clutter.

It could help to get a label maker for some extra organisational power and to help you and your family members remember where everything should go.

Have a donation basket

Much like a laundry basket, you could consider having a basket of items to donate at home. This way, when you find something that you want to give away, you always have a set space for it. You may also find that having a donation box or basket around the house will remind you to keep on top of your decluttering. Having a donation box at home will also combat the urge to do all of your cleaning at once and instead make good and lasting habits.


Decluttering can seem like a daunting prospect for many of us. It can help to tackle decluttering one step at a time and begin small. Once you have made decluttering a habit, it will become easier and more natural to declutter as you go.

You can also make use of good storage solutions to help control your home’s clutter. Taking advantage of all of the space at your disposal is key to ensuring your home is clutter-free in no time.

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