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Could “shadowless” towers come to London?

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16th Mar 15 11:25 am

What are they and how does it work?

It is not possible to build a whacking great skyscraper without the building casting a shadow.

The spires in the City of London blot out so much light that even on a sunny day, pedestrians on the streets below are enveloped in a cool half-light.

And with the number of high-rise towers under construction having risen 56% over the last year, Londoners are going to have to endure a lot more shade. An astonishing 230 towers are now being built, and there will certainly be more to come.

But is there light at the end of the tunnel?

A new concept unveiled by architecture firm NBBJ proposes building a pair of highly reflective curved towers that cancel one another’s shadows out by reflecting sunlight into the area of shadow. As the sun moves round, so too does the reflected area of sunlight. Nifty eh?

Shadowless towers 1

NBBJ design director, Christian Coop, said the project is about “improving the quality of our urban environment”, and “finding a way in which we can have the tall buildings we need without losing natural light on the areas below”.

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