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Built-in wardrobes ‘best winter renovation’ to add value to your home says experts

by LLP Staff Reporter
15th Sep 22 5:41 pm

Experts are advising homeowners to seek built-in storage solutions to add value to their property this winter.

The furniture experts at Instrument have explained how adding integrated wardrobe space to a home is one of the best ways to increase house value.

Investing in the home can be an expensive endeavour, especially when it comes to structural renovation.

But there are ways to add value to the home that are cost-effective and won’t involve prolonged periods of construction, like adding built-in wardrobe spaces.

Built-in storage not only adds value by way of practicality and cleanliness but it can become a real selling point for prospective buyers.

Seven ways built-in wardrobes can add value

Improves cleanliness

Temporary storage can often clutter a living space and make it harder to clean than if it were in built-in storage. Fitted wardrobes won’t have any spacious gaps or hard to reach corners gathering dust as freestanding wardrobes or rails do.

Creates more space

Fitted wardrobes may appear to be a big commitment when it comes to sacrificing space but they can create space in areas of the home that may not have been used before. For example, awkward covers in the bedroom can be repurposed to create an organised space for clothes, shoes, jewellery or accessories.

Feels bespoke

Custom storage can enhance the aesthetic of any home and it shows that real time and thought have been put into the space. They can be individually tailored to your needs and requirements which can give the bedroom a unique personal touch.

Helps potential buyers

Unfortunately fitted storage can’t be taken with you if you decide to move house, however, buyers place importance on a property that comes with its own storage.

Multiple uses

It’s a common misconception that the only item that can be stored in a wardrobe is clothes. Although it may look like a wardrobe you could use it to store away children’s toys or even to conceal a hidden book library.

Works with the budget

Built-in wardrobes can accommodate any size, space and budget which is part of their appeal. From simple cupboard style doors and shelving to sliding panels and mirrors, there are plenty of materials to accommodate various budgets.

Long-lasting improvement

In comparison to freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes usually have superior durability, quality of build and will last a long time. There is no need to replace them and they can be easily adjusted to match changing interiors.

A spokesperson for Instrument said, “Utilising dead space in the house is an underestimated trick to creating value and we believe it’s one of the best renovation projects you can embark on.

“Even more so during the winter months because exterior construction can be limited because of bad weather.

“We believe that investing in fitted wardrobes is a no-brainer because metal clothing rails, plastic boxes and freestanding wardrobes can really detract from the beauty of the home.

“If you’re looking at selling your property then it is also a massive green tick for prospective buyers. It means they won’t have to purchase their own storage. It puts their mind at ease knowing it’s one less problem to worry about.”

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