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Boris Johnson: Clegg's mansion tax is "crazy"

by Asa
27th Sep 12 2:10 pm

Lib Dem leader’s plans are “a non-starter”, says London mayor

London mayor Boris Johnson has waded into the “mansion tax” debate, warning that it would “disproportionately hit London”.  

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg called for a tax on higher value properties at his party conference.

But speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Johnson said the proposal was a “non-starter [and] he knows it”.

“The idea of a mansion tax is crazy. The idea of a mansion tax by the back door through vastly inflated council tax bills is nonsense”.

“These taxes will disproportionately hit London and Londoners, penalising people simply because of circumstance, trapping people who in many cases are cash poor. London is the motor of the UK economy; kicking it hard makes no sense at all” he added.

Johnson’s comments will be unwelcome for many Liberal Democrats after delegates at their autumn conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion calling for an “annual mansion tax”.

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