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London’s property market is always moving be it up or down, it is constantly changing and growing. With a population of over 8.7m, London is the most populous of any city in the EU and accounts for 13.4% of the UK population.

London is by far the most expensive place to buy a property with the average price of a home in the capital is £469k. more than twice the national average of £216k.

However, with over 3.5m homes in the capital and the number of people renting privately in London rising it is forecast that London will become a city of renters with just 40% owning their own home in 2025 (Source: PwC).

Comparatively, London is among the greatest commercial centres in the world, with many of the world’s leading corporations having a base in London.

Commercial property accounts for 13% of the value of all buildings in the UK with a value of £883bn. Offices are the second largest sub-sector and London offices dominate this group, representing 65% of the total value of offices in the UK. London’s commercial property account for 38% of the UK industry’s total value.

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