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87% of UK property professionals unfazed about the AI takeover

by LLP Reporter
20th Jul 23 12:34 pm

According to the latest industry insight from Searchland, the development site sourcing specialists, just 13% of UK property professionals are worried that AI technology could make their role within the workplace obsolete in the future.

The study commissioned by Searchland surveyed UK property professionals on their attitudes to AI and whether or not they had already adopted the technology within the workplace.

While fears of robots replacing people may have made the headlines in recent months, just 13% of those surveyed stated that they were concerned that AI technology could make their job role obsolete in the future.

When it comes to the benefits of AI, the industry is split, with half believing that AI technology can help improve the way we work within the property sector, while half don’t.

Those that did believe that AI tech can be best applied when automating and streamlining laborious or time consuming tasks, along with data collecting, processing and analysis.

Just 13% of those surveyed stated that their company had already adopted AI technology, with data processing being the most common area of application.

However, 84% agreed that technology can only do so much without the guidance of a human being, with a further 78% believing that being too reliant on technology can be detrimental to the service they are able to offer.

Just over half (51%) went on to say that the best approach when it comes to dealing with consumers is to use a combination of people and technology.

Searchland is one such company making AI work within the property sector, having recently integrated modern AI technology into their platform to make the often arduous task of identifying suitable land plots a far easier endeavour for developers.

The AI powered interface allows developers to ask questions of a given council’s local planning documents, both adopted and emerging. Rather than having to manually trawl through a 300+ page document in search of the answer themselves, Searchland’s users are now presented with a succinct paragraph answer generated by the platform’s AI technology.

Co-founder and CEO of Searchland, Mitchell Fasanya said, “AI has become a bit of a buzz word in recent months, with companies looking to jump on the bandwagon just because they think they should. It’s currently the ‘in thing’ and it’s perhaps for this reason that the industry hasn’t truly considered its potential capabilities and applications.

However, AI is already proving an invaluable tool and even in its infancy it’s being utilised to considerably reduce process timelines, increase operational efficiency and improve the service provided to the consumer.

In this respect, it’s the next chapter of the Proptech story and we’re already seeing big names within the sector sit up and take notice, with Rightmove bringing an AI expert onto its board just this week.

AI isn’t about replacing people, it’s about allowing those people to work to the best of their abilities. At Searchland, we’ve implemented AI tech to help improve our product and proposition, adding value to the consumer, but not at the expense of our team of outstanding humans.”

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