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£40m agency who partnered with UK government to build outdoor pavilion

by LLP Reporter
20th Jun 20 1:35 pm

M Integrated Solutions (M), the award-winning communications, digital and experiential agency has won an impressive haul of 10 accolades at the World Exhibition Stand Awards (WESA) for outstanding exhibition stand design and construction during 2019.

The World Exhibition Stand Awards celebrate the very best in exhibition stand design and experience whatever the show, wherever the location.  Each of the winners was selected by a panel of judges representing the full breadth and diversity of the industry. Executives from organisations such as Messe Dusseldorf, Cisco, Shanghai New International Expo centre, RAI Amsterdam, ExCel and ADS, the UK Association of aerospace, defence, security and space were identified and then selected to be on a shortlist of over 55 companies.

Outdoor pavilions stand as icons of innovation and engagement, reflecting the evolving landscape of event design. Amidst the accolades, the quest for groundbreaking outdoor pavilion ideas remains paramount. These ideas, from blending physical and digital realms to weaving compelling narratives, redefine the essence of experiential branding. In an era reshaped by Covid-19, such endeavors take on new significance. The success of projects like the British Pavilion ideas at the Beijing Horticultural Expo underscores the transformative power of outdoor pavilions. By seamlessly integrating technology and storytelling, these pavilions bridge physical and virtual realms, captivating audiences worldwide.

Commenting on the wins, John Young, Creative Director of M said, “It is simply fantastic to win 10 awards at the World Exhibition Stand Awards. It is a great result for the dedicated team at M and our clients who continue to allow us to innovate and explore how their brands are viewed and enjoyed.

“We constantly try to create more experiential ways to bring brands to life, telling stories and showcasing technologies in ever more immersive experiences. It is also important to us that we continue to win awards for a whole range of projects even when the brief and the budget vary greatly. Regardless of the amount of resources at our disposal, we never lower our standards of creativity, dedication and quality.

“Of course, the trust our clients have in us, our innovation and expertise are going to be central as the global events industry comes to terms with the catalyst for change brought about by Covid-19.

“In this new world of social distancing and international travel restrictions, M’s proven approach as to how the medium of exhibitions is adapting is something we have already started developing.

“The British Pavilion at Beijing Horticultural Expo is a brilliant example of this, with physical visitor numbers in the hundreds of thousands and the social and digital reach into the ‘billions’ (measured independently by the FCO/DEFRA) the Show Gold Award for Best Pavilion demonstrates how a physical presence, when delivered with a focus on content and storytelling, can also reach a huge audience remotely.

“Face to Face is still one of the most effective ways to win “hearts and minds”, but our ongoing investment in new technology in Broadcast, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Digital Participation techniques for small size groups has now moved into the commercial phase. The recovery of the events industry will undoubtedly come, and M is ready and able to be at the very forefront of that industry resurgence,” concluded Young.

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